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This is what the GameStick dev kits look like (video)

PlayJam started shipping GameStick developer kits this month to folks who backed the project’s Kickstarter campaign. The GameStick is a tiny video game console that’s looks like a USB flash drive. it also comes with a wireless game controller that has a slot built-in that you can slid the stick into when you’re not using […]

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GameStick dev units now shipping, early backer units delayed to June

PlayJam’s GameStick is a video game console designed around an Android TV stick and a wireless game controller. It’s available for pre-order for $79 and expected to ship in late June. The company had originally planned to ship units to backers of the successful Kickstarter campaign that helped fund the project in April. But now […]

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$79 GameStick video game console becomes a media center with XBMC support

The GameStick is an upcoming device which lets you turn your TV into a video game console by sticking a $79 stick into the HDMI port to run Android video games which you can control using a wireless gamepad. But like many other game consoles, you’ll also be able to use the GameStick as a […]

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GameStick’s $79 Android gaming system is available for pre-order

PlayJam plans to ship its first Android-based GameStick video game consoles in April to backers of the company’s Kickstarter campaign. But if you didn’t pledge any money during the fundraising campaign, now you can pre-order a GameStick from the company’s website for $79. The GameStick is a game console on a tiny stick about the […]

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GameStick Android game console raises $648 thousand, should ship in April

A month after PlayJam launched a campaign to raise money for a new inexpensive Android-based video game console, the Kickstarter campaign for the GameStick has ended after surpassing the original goal by nearly 648 percent. PlayJam was originally hoping to get about $100,000 in pledges from backers interesting pre-ordering the $79 game console, but ended […]

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Gamestick $79 Android gaming console raises $500 thousand, gets a redesigned controller

PlayJam is tweaking the design of its upcoming $79 GameStick video game console, based on feedback from backers (and potential backers) of the Kickstarter project. The GameStick has two parts: a tiny stick about the size of a USB flash drive which you can plug into a PC to play Android games on a big […]

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GameStick $79 Android gaming console removed from Kickstarter (update: It’s back)

Kickstarter has pulled the product page for the GameStick, a $79 Android-based gaming console that’s about the size of a USB thumb drive. According to Kickstarter, there’s an intellectual property dispute which led to the action. If the dispute is resolved, the project should return, but according to Engadget, if things aren’t worked out within […]

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GameStick to offer new colors, microSD card for $79 game console… if funding goals are met

A week after the makers of the GameStick $79 Android-based video game console set out to raise $100,000 to bring their idea to market, they’ve already raised nearly $300,000, mostly from backers looking to reserve one of the first GameSticks which should hit the streets in March. And there are still three weeks left in […]

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GameStick $79 gaming console promises support for XBMC and DLNA… eventually

The GameStick is an upcoming $79 stick which you can plug into your television to run Android games on the big screen. It also includes a wireless game controller, a special user interface optimized for the TV, and a store for apps and games that are compatible with the hardware. Now the folks behind the […]