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Microsoft Research unveils Project Zanzibar mat that interacts with real-world objects

Microsoft Research has unveiled a new portable, flexible mat with a bunch of sensors so that it can detect touch input, gestures made in the air above the mat, or objects placed upon it. The Project Zanzibar mat uses a combination of capacitive touch sensors and NFC (near field communication) to track objects in real-time, […]

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Google Play Instant lets you play (some) Android games without installing

Google is expanding its Instant Apps feature to games, allowing you to tap a “try now” button in the Google Play Store to test some Android games without first downloading and installing them. It’s called Google Play Instant, and there are a half dozen games that support the feature at launch. You can find them […]

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Some mobile games use your phone’s mic to hear what TV shows you’re watching

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook doesn’t use your phone’s microphone to listen to your conversations and then show you targeted ads. But it turns out that some other mobile apps are doing something pretty close. The New York Times reports that there are more than 250 Android games, and some iOS apps as well, that […]

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Civilization VI is now available for iPads: it’s pretty much the same as the PC game (for the same price)

The line between PC, console, and mobile games keeps getting thinner and thinner. In fact, it might be gone now. Not only have developers been porting old PC and console titles like the Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy series games to run on mobile devices for years. But today we saw the launch of […]

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Deals of the Day (12-21-2016)

As the holiday shopping season draws to a close, you may already have scored a good deal or two on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. But you know what you could always use? Games, apps, and media for those gadgets. Here are some of the day’s best deals, including several choose-your-own-price bundles of games, eBooks. […]

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Facebook brings games to Android and iOS apps

Facebook may be a social networking site first and foremost, but the company also has a long history of enabling developers to create games that users can play on their own or with friends. As a growing percentage of Facebook’s users are accessing the site on mobile devices, Facebook is taking a step that helps […]

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Google’s Android and iOS apps feature 7 Olympics-themed mini games

The Google app for Android and iOS is generally designed to let you search the web. But between now and August 21st you can also use it to play 7 mini-games inspired by the Olympics. Just fire up the Google app and click the Google Doodle to open a list of available games. They’re each […]

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Three 90s-era Disney 16-bit games are now available on modern PCs

Three classic Disney games from the 90s are now available as modern PC games. First launched as 16-bit platformers for Sega game consoles, Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book are now available as DRM-free games for modern computers running Windows, Mac, or Linux from The games are priced at $9.99 each, but if you […]

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Hyperkin Smart Boy turns smartphones into Game Boys (with cartridge support)

People have been playing Game Boy games on smartphones for just about as long as there have been smartphones. But typically that involves loading an emulator app on a phone, scouring the internet for illegal ROMs, and then using horrible on-screen buttons (or pairing an external gamepad with your phone). But later this year you’ll be able […]

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Google: Android Experiments winners include unusual notifications, games, launcher, and more

Google’s Android Experiments challenge invited developers to submit projects using Android in innovative ways. Now the company has announced winners of the challenge, The winners get a trip to the Google I/O developer conference or a smartphone. The rest of us get a look at some interesting Android-based solutions, such as a game that you […]