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BlueStacks introduces GamePop Mini: Free Android game console (with $7/month subscription)

BlueStacks is adding another Android-based video game console to its lineup, even before the first model hits the streets. Recently the company unveiled the GamePop, a $129 device that lets you play Android games on the big screen by paying a $6.99 subscription fee to access an all-you-can-eat buffet of games. Now the company is […]

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GamePop subscription-based game console will run iOS games (along with Android)

The upcoming GamePop video game console from BlueStacks isn’t just for Android games anymore. BlueStacks has announced that users will be able to play games developed for iOS too. Of course, since all the games will be distributed through the GamePop user interface, you might not actually know (or care) if you’re playing an Android […]

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GamePop Android gaming console to cost $129 (plus $7/month for buffet-style game service)

The upcoming GamePop video game console is a small box designed to let users play Android video games on a TV. But unlike similar devices from GameStick and Ouya, the Gamepop uses a subscription model. Instead of paying for individual games, customers will be able to pay $6.99 per month to access a catalog of […]

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GamePop brings all-you-can-eat Android games to TV for $7/month

BlueStacks wants to bring Android games to your television. That’s hardly an original idea. The Ouya and GameStick video game consoles do the same thing. But the new GamePop console from BlueStacks takes a different approach. It offers access to more than 500 Android games for a subscription fee of $6.99 per month. In fact, if […]