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Samsung Smartphone GamePad turns your phone into a game console

People have been playing games on their smartphones for about as long as there have been smartphones — but there are challenges involved in touchscreen gaming. You can’t actually feel the buttons, and sometimes your thumbs are actually covering part of the action. So there’s a whole cottage industry for makers of accessories that add […]

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Samsung gamepad accessory could turn phones, tablets into portable game consoles

Samsung is apparently working on a gamepad that lets you turn a smartphone or small tablet into a handheld gaming console. It’s basically an Xbox-style gamepad with an adjustable clip to hold your phone or tablet. Engadget got a chance to check out a prototype recently, and says Samsung doesn’t have a name or price […]

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Splashtop adds configurable gamepad, shortcuts to remote desktop app for Android, iOS… for a fee

Splashtop offers apps for iOS and Android that let you remote control a Mac or Windows computer from your phone or tablet. Want to surf the web using the full version of Firefox? Splashtop lets you login to your PC and do that from your iPad. Want to play PC games on your Android phone? […]

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Archos GamePad tablet crosses the FCC threshold on way to US launch

The Archos GamePad is a 7 inch Android tablet with a touchscreen display and video game controllers built into the side of the tablet. As the name (and design) suggest, the tablet is designed to play games, and it features function buttons similar to those you’d find on an Xbox or PlayStation controller. Archos hasn’t […]

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Google Chrome 21 beta can interact with cameras, mics, and game controllers

The latest beta version of Google Chrome adds two new APIs that allow web developers to do a few interesting things. They can write web apps that will use your computer’s mic or camera without a plugin. Apps can also take advantage of video game controllers plugged into your PC. What that means is we […]