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Emtec GEM Box review (micro-console with GameFly streaming support)

Gaming can be an expensive hobby. The latest Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo game consoles costs hundreds of dollars, and gaming PCs can easily cost several times as much. Over the past few years a number of companies have tried to shake things up by launching micro-consoles which are typically smaller, cheaper, and less powerful than a PS4, […]

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GameFly game streaming coming to webOS (on LG TVs)

GameFly Streaming is a service that lets you pay a monthly fee to stream a few dozen games over the internet. When it launched in mid-2015, GameFly Streaming was exclusively available to Amazon Fire TV users. Then GameFly added support for Samsung Smart TVs. Now LG has announced that GameFly Streaming is coming to its […]

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GameFly launches Netflix-for-games streaming service for $7 per month

GameFly is taking this whole Netflix-for-Games thing pretty seriously. Like Netflix, GameFly began its life as a company that ships video game discs in the mail to subscribers who pay a monthly fee. Now GameFly is launching a streaming service that lets you do the same thing… without a disc. You know, just like Netflix […]