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Hacker stuffs Nintendo Wii hardware into a Game Boy Advance SP-style case

There’s no shortage of options for gaming on the go — you could load up games on your smartphone, but a Nintendo DS or Switch or assemble your own retro console. Or you can tear apart a Nintendo Wii, modify the motherboard, and fit it into a 3D printed (and then painted) case to create […]

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Lilbits (8-01-2014): You are now free to unlock your smartphone (kinda)

Want to unlock your smartphone so you can use it on a different wireless network, but worried that a SWAT team will kick down your door the instant you complete the task? No worries… it’s legal to unlock your phone in the United States again. Last week Congress passed a bill that would make cellphone […]

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Lilbits (5-02-2014): TV boxes, mini PCs, and Chromebooks… oh my!

Another day, another round of cheap boxes that you can plug into your TV to run Android apps on the big screen… including one that looks oddly like a soda can with an eyeball (or webcam) sticking out of it. Meanwhile, as we wait for Asus to officially tell us about its upcoming Chromebook, another […]