Cloud game streaming isn’t coming to iPhone or iPad anytime soon

Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to stream games from the cloud to an Android phone starting September 15th. But iPhones? Not so much. Like other game streaming services from Google and NVIDIA, Apple is blocking Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service from running on its devices. In a statement provided to Business Insider, […]

Microsoft’s Project xCloud game streaming service launches September 15

Microsoft’s Project xCloud game streaming service is set to come out of beta September 15th, when it will be available as a new feature for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. That means current Xbox Game Pass subscribers won’t have to pay anything extra for game streaming, but it also means that new Project xCloud customers […]

Lilbits: Dark Sky goes dark, Pixel 5a, PowerToys v0.20 and game & video streaming updates

The end is here for the Dark Sky app for Android. There’s a new version of Microsoft’s PowerToys app for Windows. Google is already working on the Pixel 5a, even though the Pixel 4a hasn’t officially been announced yet. Microsoft may be in talks to buy TikTok. And Netflix is finally building functionality into its […]

Google’s Stadia Controller now works with Android devices

When Google launched its Stadia game streaming service last year, the promise was that you’d be able to stream games to a Chromecast, web browser, or supported Android phone. But Google’s Stadia Controller wireless game controller was only compatible with Chromecast devices at launch. In May Google finally added support for using a Stadia Controller wirelessly with […]

Polymega console will support modern game streaming as well as classic games (cartridges and CDs)

The Polymega is an upcoming game console that’s designed to be a modular all-in-one retro console capable of playing games from 30 different classic consoles. Unlike most recent retro-consoles, the Polymega doesn’t come with games pre-loaded. Instead, it’s designed to let you play games using original CDs or cartridges. You can also download select titles […]

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming service is now opt-in for developers (so fewer games should disappear unexpectedly)

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming platform operates under a rather simple premise — play the games you already own on any supported device by streaming it from a remote server. That means you can play PC games on an Android Phone, NVIDIA Shield TV, or entry-level computer without the need to invest in expensive gaming […]

Lilbits 395: Lenovo’s Legion gaming phone, Origin’s new gaming laptops, and a new Oculus Quest VR headset

Lenovo’s been teasing its upcoming Legion gaming phone since late last year. Now the folks at xda-developers have obtained a few promotional videos for the upcoming phone, and they’ve posted a few pictures that give us an idea of what to expect… and it seems like we should expect a weird phone. Among other things, […]

Lilbits 393: The priciest webcam

Webcams are in short supply these days thanks the coronavirus pandemic. But you may already have a perfectly good camera that you can use for your next Zoom meeting or Facebook Messenger call. There are apps that will let you use an iPhone or Android device as a webcam for your computer. And some DSLR […]

More game publishers pull titles from NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming platform

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming service exited beta in February, allowing subscribers to access a library of games in the cloud and stream to any supported device (including computers, smartphones, or NVIDIA Shield devices). A week later, Activision Blizzard announced it was pulling its games from the service. Now a bunch of other publishers have […]

Google is opening Stadia to everyone (in 14 countries, and offering 2-months of free Stadia Pro)

Google’s Stadia game streaming service went live in November… but at the time it was only open to Stadia Pro subscribers. Starting today Stadia is available for everyone in 14 supported countries. And Google is throwing in a free 2-month Stadia Pro subscription. Already paying for Stadia Pro? Google won’t charge you for the next […]