Atari VCS game console is now shipping (It’s real and it… needs software updates)

The Atari VCS is a modern take on a classic game console. With a design inspired by the 1980s-era Atari 2600, the new version is designed to play games designed for the original as well as newer titles. And it can do a lot more. Under the hood, the Atari VCS is basically a Linux […]

Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros hacked on day one (Yes, it plays DOOM)

Nintendo’s latest retro game console is a handheld game system designed to run just a few games. The Super Mario Bros Game & Watch is a modern take on the original Game & Watch line of single-game handhelds that were released in Japan 40 years ago. First announced in September, the new model sells for […]

Sony PlayStation 5 coming in November for $500(or digital edition for $400)

The Sony PlayStation 5 is coming in November and it’ll sell for $500. That’s the same month and the same price as the recently announced Xbox Series X. And like Microsoft’s game console, there will be a cheaper digital-only version of the PlayStation 5 that lacks a disc drive. But the Sony Playstation 5 Digital […]

$299 Xbox One S and $499 Xbox One X coming in November (pre-order Sept 22)

It’s been nearly six month since Microsoft revealed detailed specs for the Xbox Series X game console. Now the company has also revealed the price, release date, and… a cheaper model called the Xbox Series S. The new game consoles go up for pre-order September 22, 2020 for $499 and $299, respectively. And they should […]

Intellivision Amico game console launch pushed back to April 2021

The upcoming Intellivision Amico is designed to be a new game console that draws inspiration from classic consoles… like the original Intellivision which was first released in 1979. Intellivision Entertainment first unveiled plans to release the new system in late 2018, and it was originally scheduled for release in October, 2020. The global pandemic has […]

Polymega console will support modern game streaming as well as classic games (cartridges and CDs)

The Polymega is an upcoming game console that’s designed to be a modular all-in-one retro console capable of playing games from 30 different classic consoles. Unlike most recent retro-consoles, the Polymega doesn’t come with games pre-loaded. Instead, it’s designed to let you play games using original CDs or cartridges. You can also download select titles […]

Evercade’s cartridge-based retro console scheduled for May 22nd release

The Evercade handheld game system is designed to let you play classic console games on the go (or around the house if you’re sheltering in place or social distancing). But unlike most retro console it’s not designed to play downloaded ROMs and it doesn’t come with any games built-in. Instead, you can buy a collection […]