Lilbits: Xiaomi’s telescopic smartphone camera, Purism’s Linux phone that’s also a PC

In order to keep smartphones thin while still offering versatile camera features, smartphone makers have largely taken the same approach in recent years – instead of using cameras with lots of moving parts, throw a bunch of different stationary cameras on a phone. That way you can have different focal lengths to mimic the kind […]

3.1 pound System76 Galago Pro Linux laptop with Intel Tiger Lake coming soon

The System76 Galago Pro is a thin and light laptop powered by either Ubuntu Linux or Pop!_OS, which is a custom Linux distribution developed by System76. While the company has been offering versions of the Galago Pro for a few years, the latest version will be one of the first System76 laptops sporting an 11th-gen […]

System76 Galago Pro Linux laptop now comes with 13 or 14 inch display options

Linux computer company System76 is updating its smallest laptop. The Galago Pro first launched early last year, got a processor update in the fall, and now it’s getting a new display option. Normally when we talk about display options, we mean things like resolution or touch panel options. But System76 is offering two different screen […]

System76 Galago Pro Ubuntu ultrabook ships in May, up for pre-order for $899

Linux computer company System76 may starting to design desktops in-house, but it’ll probably be a few years before the company can design and manufacture its own laptops. But the company continues to source existing hardware components and put them to use in computers that ship with Ubuntu Linux. And one of the most interesting new models from […]

System76 unveils Galago Pro compact 13 inch Linux laptop

Linux computer company System76 recently launched several new notebooks, most of which are high-power, expensive machines for folks that don’t mind lugging around a heavy laptop if it can handle some heavy-duty workloads. But the company also has a new ultraportable notebook n the way. It’s called the Galago Pro, and it’s a thin and […]