Now you can buy smartphone with /e/ OS in the US and Canada (Android phones stripped of Google services)

The /e/ Foundation has been developing a custom version of Android that doesn’t include Google’s propriety apps and services for a few years, and in 2019 the team began selling refurbished phones with the de-Googled software pre-installed. At the time the phones were only available for purchase for customers in Europe. But now customers in […]

Google-free Android fork /e/ to get easy installer… and a new name

The /e/ Foundation has been on a mission for the last few years to deliver an open source, Android-based operating system that’s free of any proprietary Google software and services. But up until recently there have only been two ways to run /e/ on your smartphone — jump through a bunch of hoops that might […]

/e/ plans to sell refurbished smartphones with Google-free Android

Most phones that ship with Google’s Android operating system also come with a bunch of Google apps and services installed. But Android is open source software, so independent developers have been finding ways to de-Google Android for years. One of the more recent options comes from developer Gaël Duval and the /e/ Foundation. The /e/ […]

/e/ is an Android-based smartphone OS stripped of Google’s proprietary components

After announcing plans last year to develop a new smartphone operating system using free and open source software, developer Gaël Duval has announced that the first beta is now ready for testing. It’s called /e/, and it’s basically a custom ROM based on Google’s Android operating system. But it’s been stripped of most of the […]