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Fuse wireless earbuds fit inside a bracelet, necklace when you’re not using them

A number of companies have released “truly wireless” earbuds in the last year or so. The tiny earpieces connect to your phone via Bluetooth and stream music without wires… and that means there’s not even a wire connecting the left and right earbuds with one another. But there are a few potential down sides to […]

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Fuduntu Linux is dead, bulk of team moves to Cloverleaf Linux project

It was just a few weeks ago that the developers of the Fuduntu Linux operating system announced plans to cease development and move on to other things by the end of the year. Now the team has moved up the schedule, and Fuduntu is effectively dead. Much of the team behind the operating system has […]

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Voltaic launches solar-powered, laptop-charging backpack

Voltaic Systems has been making backpacks and laptop cases with built-in solar chargers since 2004. But so far most of the company’s backpacks have only generated enough electricity to charge small items such as phones, cameras, or tablets. Now Voltaic has introduced a new 10W backpack called the Array which can charge a laptop computer. […]