Mattel to acquire Nabi tablet maker Fuhu

The company that makes the Nabi line of Android tablets for kids filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy this week… but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line for Fuhu’s tablets. Toy maker Mattel has entered an agreement to acquire Fuhu’s business and assets. What does that mean? For now, not much. If you’ve got a […]

Nabi Compete is a fitness tracker for kids

The maker of the kid-friendly Nabi line of tablets is launching its first fitness tracker. The Nabi Compete is a bracelet that you can put on a youngster to track steps and sync the data with a smartphone app. Not convinced that this’ll be enough to get your kid off the couch? That’s where the […]

Rent a kid-friendly tablet from $10 per month (Nabi Pass Tab)

The company that makes the Nabi line of kid-friendly tablets also offers a subscription-based service called Nabi Pass that lets you access age appropriate apps, games, music, videos, and eBooks for $4.99 per month. Now the company’s going a step further by launching a $9.99 per month subscription plan that includes all of those things… plus […]

Closer look at Fuhu’s DreamTab tablets for kids

Fuhu makes tablets for children and typically markets them under the “nabi” brand. But the company’s two newest tablets are called DreamTabs. That’s because they’ve been developed in partnership with animation studio DreamWorks and designed to feature digital content from DreamWorks as well as a new version of Fuhu’s kid-friendly software that’s based on Android […]

DreamWorks and Fuhu unveil a kids tablet with focus on entertainment

Fuhu’s been making kid-friendly tablets for a few years, but the company’s next model is something different. The company is partnering with DreamWorks, the animation studio behind popular films and TV shows to launch a tablet called the DreamTab. Like other Fuhu tablets, it’ll have a rugged case and software that’s appropriate for young eyes. […]