Hardware powered by Google’s Fuchsia OS could be coming soon (Nest Hub with Fuchsia 1.0 hits the Bluetooth SIG)

Google’s Android operating system powers most of the world’s smartphones. Google’s Chrome OS is gaining ground in the laptop space, particularly in the education market. But Google has also been developing another operating system called Fuchsia for the past few years. It just hasn’t been clear what the operating system is for (will it replace […]

Lilbits: Nothing buys Essential, tech company names are dumb, and the future of the PinePhone

Microsoft’s game streaming service is coming to the web — which means it’s coming to iOS without giving Apple a cut of revenue. Pine64 has announced the default GNU/Linux distribution and user interface that will ship with its PinePhone devices in the future. And the new company from the co-founder of OnePlus has bought the […]

Google’s Fuchsia OS is an open source project that now accepts community code contributions

Google already has two popular operating systems: Android for phones and tablets, and Chrome OS for laptops, desktops, and… some other tablets. But for the past few years the company has also been working on a new operating system called Fuchsia. Development has been semi-public, with Google publishing the source code online. But now Google […]

Hackers get Fuchsia to run in Google’s Android Studio Emulator

Google has been working on an open source operating system called Fuchsia for years. It’s not entirely clear what it’s for, but some folks have speculated that it could one day replace Android and/or ChromeOS for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Since it uses a custom kernel called Magenta instead of Linux, it would give Google […]

Google Home Hub uses different software than other Google Assistant smart displays

When JBL and Lenovo launched smart displays powered by Google Assistant this summer, the companies tapped into a platform Google announced at the start of the year. But when Google launched its own smart display this week, the company didn’t follow suit. The Google Home Hub is a $149 smart display with a 7 inch […]

Report: Google’s Fuchsia could eventually replace Android and Chrome OS

Google has been working on a new operating system called Fuchsia for a few years. That’s not a huge surprise. The company has been posting source code online for a while, and outsiders have been digging into it to see what makes Fuchsia tick. But it’s never been entirely clear just what Google plans to […]