Enable freeform windows in Android 7.0 (without root or ADB)

Google Android 7.0 is the first version of Google’s mobile operating system to feature native multi-window support. That means you can view more than one app at a time thanks to a split-screen mode that’s enabled by default. But Android 7.0 also includes support for a freeform window mode that lets you view more than […]

Google’s Nexus devices aren’t getting freeform multi-window support (yet)

One of the biggest changes in Android N is native multi-window support. When you’re using an Android phone or tablet running the upcoming version of Android you’ll be able to view two apps in side-by-side windows and you’ll be able to resize those windows to make one app bigger and the other smaller. Android N […]

Android N’s experimental freeform window mode turns Android into a desktop-style OS (almost)

The next version of Google’s Android operating system will be the first to have built-in, official support for multi-window mode, letting you view more than one application at the same time. Some companies, including Samsung, have been offering their own multi-window solutions for Android for years, but they’ve always had to alter Google’s software to […]