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FreedomPop offers unlimited talk, text for under $5 per month

FreedomPop has been offering some of the cheapest wireless phone plans in the US since the company launched its phone service in October. Basic service with up to 200 minutes and 500 texts was available for free, with unlimited talk and text plans running $11 per month. Now there’s an even cheaper option for unlimited plans […]

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Use your old Sprint phone with FreedomPop’s free phone service

FreedomPop is expanding the freemium smartphone service it launched in October, by letting customers supply their own phones. The company provides 200 minutes of voice calling, 500 text messages, and 500MB of data for free — but up until now you’ve needed to buy a phone from FreedomPop to use the service. Now you can […]

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FreedomPop launching free smartphone plans this summer

FreedomPop‘s business model sounds kind of crazy — but it must be working (or FreedomPop must have a lot of capital), because the company keeps expanding into new territory. The company offers free wireless service when you buy one of its relatively inexpensive devices. Customers who need more bandwidth can pay extra for it. First […]

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Lilbits (4-24-2013): The webOS phone that never was, FreedomPop expands its network

FreedomPop has an unusual business model. You can buy one of the company’s devices and use it to access the internet for no additional charge. FreedomPop offers up to 500MB of data on the Clearwire 4G WiMAX network for free. But WiMAX isn’t available everywhere, so now the company is branching out into 3G. The […]

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FreedomPop wants to replace your cable modem with free(ish) WiMAX service

A few months ago FreedomPop started offering a free WiMAX service that lets iPod touch customers connect to the internet on the go for just the 1-time price of a $99 accessory. While the free plan only includes 500MB of data, you can pay for extra — or get your friends to sign up in […]

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FreedomPop’s $99 sleeve brings free 4G WiMAX service to the iPod touch

FreedomPop is now selling a $99 iPod touch 4G Sleeve. All you have to do is attach the kind-of-chunky sleeve to a 4th-gen iPod touch, and you can use your mobile device anywhere FreedomPop’s 4G WiMAX network is available. No WiFi-hotspot required. Users get up to 500MB of service for free each month. If you […]