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MVNO shuffle: Red Pocket Mobile acquires FreedomPop, former owner wants to buy Boost Mobile

Over the last few weeks there’s been a bit of a shakeup in the US mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) space. With Sprint ant T-Mobile looking to merge, regulators have suggested Sprint get rid of its pre-paid subsidiary, Boost Mobile. A company called STS is interested in buying Boost… but before doing that, the company […]

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Budget wireless provider FreedomPop launches its first smartphone

FreedomPop is an unusual wireless provider which offers plans starting as low as, well… free. You’ll have to pay something if you want anything more than the most basic service, but it’s an interesting option for folks on a tight budget who can use WiFi to make up for the service’s less-than-stellar network coverage. Up […]

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FreedomPop now offers (a little) free data in 25 countries

FreedomPop is taking its free cellular internet service international. The company already sells mobile hotspots and smartphones in the US that offer a small amount of mobile data for free. Now the company is launching limited service in 25 additional countries. The FreedomPop Global hotspot works in 25 countries across Europe, Asia, and South America, while the new […]

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FreedomPop’s $5 phone plans work on 10 million WiFi hotspots

FreedomPop offers several options for customers that want cheap or even free voice, text, and data plans for smartphones, tablets, or other devices. Now the company is launching a new plan that offers unlimited service for just $5 per month. What’s the catch? Your devices will only work when they’re connected to WiFi. But FreedomPop […]

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Goodnight WiMAX: Sprint to shut down its first 4G network Nov 6th, 2015

Before LTE became widespread in the United States, Sprint launched its own high-speed data network using the competing WiMAX protocol. It wasn’t as fast as LTE, but that didn’t stop the company from calling it 4G. Sprint isn’t the only name in the WiMAX game… but Clearwire, FreedomPop, and most other companies that offer WiMAX service in […]

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FreedomPop adds tablets to its free data, voice, text network

FreedomPop offers free limited wireless data, voice, and text to smartphone users. Now the company’s branching out into tablets. You can pick up an iPad mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 from FreedomPop and use the tablet to make phone calls, surf the web, or send text messages for free using FreedomPop’s voice over […]

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FreedomPop brings its free mobile data plans to Europe

FreedomPop is an unusual wireless carrier that offers up to 500MB per month of free mobile data… in hopes of getting you to pay a bit extra for more data. The company sells mobile hotspots and smartphones (with unlimited talk and text) in the United States by piggybacking on Sprint’s wireless network. Now FreedomPop is […]

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Lilbits (5-22-2014): Early look at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 CPU

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 processor will be the company’s most powerful chip to date when it launches in the second half of 2014… but it’s not that much faster than the Snapdragon 801 CPU that’s already available. AnandTech reports that where it really shines is in select graphic tests, thanks to the new Adreno 440 graphics technology. […]

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FreedomPop’s Privacy Phone encrypts your (cheap) phone calls for $189

FreedomPop’s claim to fame is the company’s low-cost wireless plans. But now FreedomPop is jumping on the privacy and security bandwagon, offering a new phone that it says offers more secure communications. It’s called the Privacy Phone, and while the hardware is kind of dated, it’s loaded with features to help keep your voice calls […]