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Minifree’s Libreboot X200 tablet runs nothing but free software (on decade-old hardware)

Want a new PC, but don’t want to run the latest Windows software? There are plenty of free and open source alternatives including popular GNU/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Linux Mint. Want to run nothing but free and open source software? That’s a bit trickier, since most recent laptops, desktops, and tablets ship with […]

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Purism’s Linux laptops now ship with Intel Management Engine disabled

Most computers that ship with recent Intel processors include something called Intel Management Engine, which enables hardware-based security, power management, and remote configuration features that are not tied to the operating system running on your PC. For free software proponents, this has been a pain in the behind, because it’s a closed-source, proprietary feature designed […]

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Purism’s next product could be a smartphone that runs Linux/free software

Purism is a company that’s been developing laptops and tablets that run Linux-based, free and open source software for a few years. Now Purism is considering building a smartphone and the company is soliciting feedback from potential customers. The idea would be to release a Librem Phone that runs GNU/Linux rather than Android, and which […]

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Open source audio editor Ardour 5.0 launches for Linux, OS X, and Windows

Ardour is a free and open source digital audio workstation which can be used to record and mix music, podcasts, or just about anything else. The software has been available for Linux and Mac for over a decade. Now it’s also available for Windows. Ardour 5.0 has just been released, and one of the most […]

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Replicant 6.0 is under development (Android 6.0 stripped of all proprietary code)

Android is an open source operating system… in that Google typically releases the source code for each new version of Android when it’s ready. But Android is developed largely behind closed doors and the versions of the operating system that ship with most phones, tablets, and other devices included some closed-source software including Google Play […]

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LibreBox mini-PC ships with Ubuntu MATE software

Portuguese company LibreTrend is partnering with the developers of Ubuntu MATE to offer a small, low-power desktop computer that will ship with the Ubuntu MATE operating system. Perhaps more importantly, LibreTrend says its computers ship without any proprietary blobs for the drivers, which means that they’re designed to run entirely free and open software. The […]

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Purism Librem 13 laptop runs free and open software (crowdfunding)

Purism launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a premium laptop designed to run free/libre and open source software last year, and the result was the Purism Librem 15. But some folks wanted a more portable option… and so Purism is back with a campaign to build a 13.3 inch, 3 pound laptop called the Purism […]

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Talking Spark tablets with KDE developer Aaron Seigo (video)

The Spark tablet will be the first 7 inch tablet to ship with Mer Linux and KDE Plasma Active software when it launches in May. It’s already available for pre-order in Europe for €200, and developer Aaron Seigo who started the project says when it goes on sale in the US the Spark tablet will likely be […]