A new BlackBerry 5G phone with a keyboard coming in 2021 (sort of)

BlackBerry gave up producing its own smartphones a few years ago, and instead began working on partnerships with third-party companies to manufacture and sell phones under the BlackBerry name that come with BlackBerry apps and services installed. Earlier this year BlackBerry’s biggest partner pulled the plug, which means we won’t be seeing any more TCL-made […]

Sharp to buy Toshiba’s PC business

Toshiba has scaled back its PC business in recent years, but the company continues to offer a small selection of laptops, tablets, and convertibles, primarily with a focus on premium and business-class devices. But Toshiba’s PC business will soon be under new management: Toshiba has announced it’s selling the subsidiary that makes Toshiba-branded computers to Sharp. […]

Foxconn to acquire Belkin, Linksys, and Wemo for $866 million

Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn is already one of the biggest companies in the consumer electronics space. But for the most part the company manufacturers hardware that’s designed and sold by other companies including Apple, Amazon, Dell, HP, Huawei, Microsoft, Motorola, and Sony, among others. The company also has subsidiaries such as FIH Mobile which manufacture and […]

Nokia Android phones and tablets are coming… but won’t be built by Nokia

Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets are coming. The company has announced that it will license its name and intellectual property to a new company called HMD global Oy, which will have the rights to build and sell products using the Nokia name for the next 10 years. HMD plans to produce Android smartphones and tablets, and […]

Foxconn Kangaroo, Quanta Compute Plug join the mini PC parade

Microsoft has revealed two new tiny computers coming from Taiwanese manufacturers Foxconn and Quanta. The Quanta Compute Plug is a PC built into a device the size of a power adapter (and which you can actually use as a USB power adapter), while the Foxconn Kangaroo is a pocket-sized desktop computer that you can carry with you […]

Allwinner A83T octa-core tablet mini-review (InFocus C2107)

Allwinner’s A83T processor is an octa-core chip designed for entry level and mid-range tablets. The chip maker unveiled the processor in September, and tablets featuring the chip should begin shipping soon. Allwinner sent me one of the first of those tablets to test. The InFocus C2107 is a 7 inch Android tablet made by Foxconn. It […]

Mozilla introduces new Firefox OS phone, tablet reference designs

In addition to announcing new Firefox OS devices from partners including ZTE and Alcatel OneTouch, Mozilla is introducing new reference designs for phones and tablets. The new Firefox OS Flame reference design is for a 4.5 inch phone with a dual-core processor. Mozilla is introducing reference designs for 7 and 10 inch tablets — and developers can […]

Foxconn smartwatch prototype syncs with an iPhone, shows Facebook, phone updates

As smartphones get bigger (and presumably more inconvenient to pull out of your pocket when you just want to check the time or weather), a growing number of companies seem to be betting that smartwatches are the future of mobile devices. While you can still use your phone for in-depth web surfing, messaging, or more, […]

Mozilla, Foxconn unveil the first Firefox OS tablet

A handful of smartphone makers including Sony and ZTE have announced plans to launch phones running Firefox OS this year. Now Taiwanese equipment maker Foxconn is also showing off the first tablet running the Mozilla’s operating system with an emphasis on web apps. Foxconn and Mozilla held a joint press conference in Taiwan, where the companies talked […]

Foxconn, Mozilla to unveil Firefox OS device (could it be a tablet?)

A handful of companies including ZTE and Sony have already announced plans to offer smartphones running the Firefox OS operating system. But when Mozilla launched Firefox OS a few months ago the company said it had 23 partners lined up, including hardware companies, chip makers, and wireless carriers. Now it looks like we’re about to […]