Samsung and LG could launch folding smartphones later this year

Technology companies have been working on flexible display technology for years, but so far, for the most part those displays have only been used to create phones with curved edges, like Samsung’s Galaxy Edge phones. But rumor has it that Samsung and LG are working on phones that have a folding display. The idea is […]

Japan Display unveils smartphone screen that opens up like a book

Some smartphones have enormous displays that blur the lines between phones and tablets. But there’s another way to put a tablet-sized screen into a phone: make a screen that can fold in half. Japan Display has begun showing off a dual-panel smartphone screen that unfolds like a book. Folded up it looks like a smartphone […]

Patent documents may provide a peek at Samsung’s folding smartphone

Samsung has long been rumored to be developing a smartphone with a flexible display that allows you to fold the device in half for storage, or just bend it a bit to curve the display or use in another mode. Said to be code-named “Project Valley,” reports from Korean media today suggest that the phone […]

Report: Samsung’s flexible/folding phones might come in 2017

Samsung’s been rumored to be working on phones with folding displays for a while, but according to a report from Bloomberg, Samsung might actually launch some in 2017. Two phones with “bendable screens” are said to be in the works, including one that folds in half “like a cosmetic compact” and another that would look like […]