Report: Samsung may have two more folding phone designs in the works

Samsung’s first foldable smartphone will be available starting April 26th. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a $1980 device that looks like a 7.3 inch tablet… until you fold it in half so that screen is hidden and you find yourself instead looking at a 4.6 inch secondary display (surrounded by some really big bezels). Other […]

Oppo’s folding smartphone protoype looks awfully familiar

Smartphones with foldable OLED displays are still pretty new, and so far all of the companies that have unveiled one have taken different approaches to how their phones should look (and even how they fold). But I guess that was too good to last. Oppo VP Brian Shen has posted some images to Chinese social […]

Huawei’s foldable phone could debut at MWC (along with Samsung’s and maybe others)

Samsung is almost certainly going to debut its first smartphone with a foldable display at Mobile World Congress later this month. There’s a chance we might also see foldable and/or dual screen phones (or at least prototypes)from Motorola, Oppo, Xiaomi, LG,  ZTE, and others. Now it looks like Huawei is also planning to showcase its first […]

This could be a flexible-screen smartphone that bends like a tri-fold wallet (video leak)

This is the year when folding smartphones with flexible displays are expected to become a real thing that you can go out and buy. We’ve already seen some early demos from companies including Samsung and Royole, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more examples on display at the Consumer Electronics Show next […]