Samsung clamshell phone with Snapdragon 808 chip on the way

There aren’t many smartphones on the market with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808 processor with 6 CPU cores. But you know what else there aren’t many of? Smartphones with clamshell designs. It looks like Samsung is taking aim at both shortages. The Samsung SM-G9198 features Qualcomm’s hexa-core chip and a numeric keypad and a 3.9 inch display […]

Samsung Hennessy is an Android flip-phone destined for China

What happens if you take a modern touch-friendly operating system like Android and cram it on an old-fashioned flip-phone with a numeric keypad? Apparently you get something like the Samsung Hennessy, a smartphone with two 3.3 inch touchscreen displays. When the phone is closed, it looks like a typical Android smartphone, although a rather small […]

Lilbits (7-31-2013): Sluggish Surface sales, renaming SkyDrive

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently admitted that the company may have made too many Surface RT tablets, and the software maker also took a $900 write-down this month when it dropped the selling price of the tablet from $499 to $349. Now an SEC filing shows that the $900 million figure is actually more than […]