LG building smartphone with a flexible OLED display

Companies have been showing off flexible displays at trade shows for years, but they’ve always seemed like far-future tech… partly because it hasn’t always been entirely clear why you’d need a device with a screen that bends. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that LG plans to launch a phone with a flexible OLED display […]

Samsung shows off flexible displays (again), this time with a working phone prototype

Samsung has been showing off flexible display prototypes for years, but so far we haven’t seen a phone, tablet, or other mobile device hit the streets with a screen that you can roll up and put in your pocket. But now the company is showing off a bit more than a flexible display — the […]

Apple patent filing gets us excited for potential hybrid Smart Cover/display

Last year around this time Apple filed a patent application for a flexible screen that looks like a seriously souped up Smart Cover for the iPad. Though a patent filing doesn’t mean that this product will ever come out, it’s fun to imagine the possibilities. Flexible displays have been on the horizon for years, so […]

Samsung showcases flexible, transparent OLED displays

Last year at CES Samsung showed off a laptop prototype with a 14 inch semi-transparent AMOLED display. You could see the screen well enough, but you could also see through the screen to see whether your car keys are on the table or not. This year, Samsung is continuing to show off its transparent AMOLED […]