LG introduces 77 inch flexible, transparent OLED display

LG Display’s latest OLED screen combines a bunch of buzzwords: it’s big. It’s flexible. It’s transparent. And if you add all of those things up you’ve got a display that will most likely be really expensive (albeit really cool). Don’t expect to see the company’s new 77 inch transparent, flexible OLED display in home TVs […]

Lenovo 25th anniversary ThinkPad coming this fall (won’t look like this)

Lenovo unveiled a new set of computers and services aimed at business and enterprise users today… and the company also teased something that it’s not ready to launch yet. October marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the first ThinkPad computer, and the company plans to offer a limited-edition ThinkPad laptop with “throwback” features […]

E Ink demos a foldable 10.2 inch display, among other things

E Ink is probably best known for making the paper-like electronic displays used in Kindle, Nook, and Kobo-style eBook readers. But the company also makes displays used for industrial and commercial products including digital signage and whiteboards. Today the company announced that its E Ink Prism displays are now available in seven color options, allowing […]

Samsung and LG could launch folding smartphones later this year

Technology companies have been working on flexible display technology for years, but so far, for the most part those displays have only been used to create phones with curved edges, like Samsung’s Galaxy Edge phones. But rumor has it that Samsung and LG are working on phones that have a folding display. The idea is […]

Lenovo unveils foldable phone, tablet prototypes

Samsung is said to be working on smartphones and tablets with flexible displays that let you do things like fold the device in half. But Lenovo may have just one-upped Samsung by showing off two flexible device prototypes at its Lenovo Tech World event. One is a smartphone that can wrap around your wrist like a […]