Foldables are so 2019, BOE unveils 12.3 inch rollable display for next-gen smartphones

While phone makers are planning (or maybe struggling is a better word) to launch the first smartphones with foldable OLED displays this year, display maker BOE is showing off a prototype of a new rollable display that could be used in a different kind of next-gen smartphone. Charbax from Armdevices caught up with BOE at […]

Patent documents may provide a peek at Samsung’s folding smartphone

Samsung has long been rumored to be developing a smartphone with a flexible display that allows you to fold the device in half for storage, or just bend it a bit to curve the display or use in another mode. Said to be code-named “Project Valley,” reports from Korean media today suggest that the phone […]

WhammyPhone prototype: Bend your smartphone to make music

Researchers at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab unveiled a flexible smartphone prototype earlier this year that didn’t just have a screen that could bend… it uses the bending motion as a form of input for doing things like flipping through eBook pages. Now the Human Media Lab is going one step further with the introduction […]

Cubimorph concept shows a modular, shapeshifting smartphone

Some companies may be developing modular smartphones with swappable components. But a team of researchers at the University of Bristol’s Bristol Interaction Group have a different idea for modularity: they’ve developed a phone that changes shapes depending on what you’re using it for. The concept is called Cubimorph, and while it’s not a real phone […]

Military working on flexible electronics

A group of military chemists and scientists are developing ways to embed electronics into flexible, bendable, and stretchable materials. According to a press release, so far the research team has figured out how to cram a circuit board onto a thin ribbon of flexible silicon. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Ph.D. Benjamin J. Leever explained,” Basically, […]

LG’s new OLED lighting panels are the most flexible yet

LG is expected to start mass production of a new type of flexible display this summer. The folks at OLED report the new plastic OLED screens lighting panels can bend further than existing solutions. Update: LG’s new technology applies to lighting panels, not the screens you find on phones or tablets. It could be a while before […]