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Ruffle keeps classic flash games alive (and safer) with an open source emulator

The death of Adobe Flash was a long time coming. While the 25-year-old technology was instrumental in bringing animation, games, and interactive content to the web when it was still young, it was always sort of a security nightmare, with Adobe struggling to issue bug fixes faster than vulnerabilities were discovered and exploited. But now […]

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Lilbits: Facebook faces antitrust suits, Google plans big changes for Chrome, and Adobe Flash is finally (almost) dead

Facebook wasn’t the first social network – remember MySpace and Friendster? And it’s not exactly the last one standing. Twitter’s still a thing. But Facebook is the biggest, most influential social network in the US, at least… and according to new lawsuits filed by the FTC and 48 attorneys general, Facebook abused its market dominance […]

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Firefox picks up HTTPS-only mode and pinch-to-zoom, will lose Adobe Flash support soon

Firefox 83 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Among other things, the latest version of the open source web browser should bring a 15-percent boost in page load performance, and an 8-percent cut in memory usage. There’s also support for an HTTPS-only model that will alert you if you try to visit a […]

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Toshiba begins sampling UFS 3.0 storage (faster storage for smartphones)

Smartphone processors keep getting faster, the cameras keep getting better, and the batteries are… still there. But there’s another piece of hardware that can affect performance of smartphones and other mobile devices: the storage technology. Early phones shipped with eMMC flash storage (and some cheaper models still do). More recently phone makers started adopting UFS […]

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Samsung’s UFS removable memory cards are 5x faster than microSD cards

MicroSD cards are tiny, convenient removable storage cards that can be used with some cameras, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. But they’re not exactly super-speedy. Now Samsung has unveiled a next-gen removable memory card that’s about 5 times faster. In fact, Samsung’s new UFS (Universal Flash Storage) cards offer read/write speeds that are on par […]

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Samsung introduces faster storage for smartphones (like the Samsung Galaxy S6)

Most current smartphones use a type of flash storage called eMMC. But Samsung has started mass producing a new embedded memory solution which the company says offers faster speeds without consuming any more power. Samsung says phones with its new UFS 2.0 memory will offer quicker boot times, faster file copying, and improved multitasking, among […]

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Windows 8/Windows RT browser hack: Use Flash on any website

Windows 8 and Windows RT ship with the new Internet Explorer 10 web browser which has two different modes. In desktop mode, it looks like… well, a desktop web browser. But you can also use the new Windows 8-style full-screen mode to use it more like a tablet browser. The full-screen version supports swipe-based navigation […]