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Google is buying Fitbit for $2.1 billion, promises Google-made wearables

The rumors were true. Google has announced plans to acquire Fitbit in a deal valued at $2.1 billion. Fitbit is a 12-year-old company that currently dominates the wearable activity tracker space, but which has struggled to move beyond fitness devices. Google, meanwhile, has been developing software for wearables for the past five years… but the […]

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Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure is like a gamified Wii Fit for the Switch

Nintendo has a habit of doing weird things with game consoles. The Nintendo Wii was already an innovative console thanks to the introduction of handheld, motion-sensing game controllers. But then Nintendo added a Wii Balance Board and turned the console into a fitness system with the introduction of games like Wii Fit. The Nintendo Switch […]

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Nokia to acquire fitness/wearable maker Withings

Nokia may not be ready to re-enter the smartphone business (yet), but the company is apparently looking to make a play for consumer-oriented fitness, wearables, and internet-of-things products. The company has announced plans to acquire Withings for 170 million Euros (about $192 million). Withings is a French company that makes products including fitness trackers, watches […]

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New Microsoft Band wearable is like a smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts

Microsoft’s second-generation Microsoft Band is a wearable fitness tracker with a new curved display, a Gorilla Glass 3 scratch-resistant screen, and a more flexible design, making it more comfortable to wear. It also has all the features of the original Microsoft Band, plus a barometer for real-time height detection. The new Microsoft Band costs $249, […]

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Asus VivoWatch: Fitness-tracking smartwatch with a 10-day battery

The Asus ZenWatch is a relatively stylish smartwatch with a relatively affordable $200 price tag. But like most watches that uses Google’s Android Wear software, it gets only around 2 days of battery life. Now Asus has a new smartwatch in the works, and the company says it can run for up to 10 days […]

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Garmin launches 3 new smartwatches focused on fitness, location tracking

Garmin makes a range of GPS devices and sports and fitness products. So it’s not surprising that the company’s 3 new smartwatches place a heavy emphasis on those features. The Garmin epix is a phone with a 1.4 inch color touchscreen for displaying maps and satellite imagery. Garmin’s vívoactive is a GPS watch with sports and […]

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Xiaomi gets healthy, launches blood pressure monitoring smartphone dock

Xiaomi is getting into the health tech space. The company launched a $13 fitness tracker this summer, and Xiaomi is partnering with a company called iHealth Labs to launch a blood pressure monitor that’s designed to work with a smartphone. Just connect your phone to a special dock, hook up the blood pressure sensor, and […]

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Lilbits (8-07-2014): Google Fit is coming

Google wants to make it easier for fitness-related Android apps to talk to one another, so the company is introducing a new series of APIs for developers. The platform is called Google Fit, and it’ll be available to the public when Android L is released this fall. But developers don’t have to wait until then […]

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Alcatel calls its OneTouch Pop Fit a “wearable” smartphone

Don’t like the idea of buying a smartwatch or other wearable device to pair with you smartphone? Alcatel OneTouch is positioning its new phone as a one-size-fits all device. It’s both a phone and a wearable… if you don’t mind strapping a 2.8 inch phone to your arm. The Alcatel OneTouch Pop is basically a small […]

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Sony’s Core is a tiny activity tracker designed to fit a range of wearable accessories

Sony’s first activity tracker isn’t just a fitness device like a Fitbit or Withings Pulse. Sure, the Sony Core can track the number of steps you take and the amount of sleep you get. But it’ll also log photos you take, interactions with friends on your social networks, and more. The idea is that the […]