Compulab launches fit-PC4 fanless mini PC for $299 and up

Compulab’s latest small form-factor desktop computer is a tiny, fanless system powered by an AMD processor. The Compulab fit-PC4 sports an AMD quad-core processor, Radeon HD graphics, and support for Windows or Linux software. An entry-level, barebones system runs $299, but for $380 you can get a barebones system with higher performance specs. The fit-PC4 […]

mintBox mini-PC with Linux Mint now available for $476 and up

The mintBox is a small desktop computer with a fanless design that ships with the Linux Mint operating system preloaded. As expected, it’s basically just a rebranded version of the Compulab fit-PC3, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Like the fit-PC3, the mintBox features a tiny and fanless case design, but packs a number […]

Fit-PC3 mini-computer with HD graphics is finally shipping

It’s been almost a year since Compulab introduced the Fit-PC3, a desktop computer that’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but which features HD graphics capabilities. Now it’s finally available for purchase. The Fit-PC3 includes an AMD embedded processor with Radeon HD graphics. The little computer has space for 2 sticks […]

Fit-PC2i nettop is just as tiny as ever, packs Windows 7 to boot

The Fit-PC from CompuLab is a tiny desktop computer that measures just over an inch high, and about 4″ x 4.5″ thick. In other words, it’s a desktop that’s smaller than most laptops and maybe even some cellphones. The company has been pumping out these low power, fanless systems for a little while and now […]