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Chinese tablet makers begin offering Windows 8.1 firmware for Android tablets

Now that a growing number of Chinese tablets are shipping with Intel processors, a funny thing is happening. Some tablet makers are starting to offer customers a chance to swap the operating system on their tablets from Android to Windows free of charge. For instance, CnGadget has instructions for downloading and installing Windows 8.1 on […]

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Google releases Nexus 7 (2013) update to fix GPS, touchscreen issues

There’s a lot to like about the new Google Nexus 7 tablet. It has a high-resolution display with great viewing angles and color reproduction. It has a speedy processor. The tablet fits well in one hand. And it’s reasonably priced. I really enjoyed the time I spent with a review unit, but some folks have […]

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Amazon updates Kindle Touch firmware, brings Paperwhite-style UI to discontinued eReader

Amazon has rolled out a software update for the Kindle Touch, bringing some of the features from the Kindle Paperwhite to folks still using Amazon’s first touchscreen Kindle eReader. Clearly the software update won’t bring a front-lit screen to the Kindle Touch, but it does give users new ways to navigate the home screen, book […]