Installing Windows 10 on a Lumia 950 XL smartphone just got a lot easier

Now that there’s a desktop version of Windows 10 designed to run on laptops and tablets with ARM processors, it’s unsurprising that a handful of hackers have found ways to shoehorn Windows 10 onto old smartphones that had originally shipped with Windows Mobile software. But up until now it’s been pretty tough to follow along […]

OpenWrt 18.06 released (Linux OS for your router, first major update in years)

OpenWrt is an open source, Linux-based operating system designed to run on hundreds of routers and other embedded devices. It can add new features to your networking gear and give you more control over the software running on the hardware in your home. This week the developers released OpenWrt 18.06, which is a big step […]

Rebble aims to make your Pebble watch keep working after Fitbit pulls the plug this summer

Pebble was one of the early players in the smartwatch space, and the company’s low-power devices with long battery life, support for third-party apps, and sunlight readable displays still have a loyal fan base… even though Pebble hasn’t released a new watch since the company was acquired by Fitbit at the end of 2016. At […]

System76 will disable Intel Management engine on its Linux laptops

System76 is one a handful of companies that sells computers that run Linux software out of the box. But like most PCs that have shipped with Intel’s Core processors in the past few years, System76 laptops include Intel’s Management Engine firmware. Intel recently confirmed a major security vulnerability affecting those chips and it’s working with […]

Some Linksys 802.11ac WiFi routers now officially support DD-WRT open source firmware

DD-WRT is an open source, Linux-based replacement for the firmware that comes with many WiFi routers. It has a reputation for giving users more control over their router’s performance and security. But historically the companies that produce networking hardware haven’t really encouraged you to replace their firmware. So it’s always nice to see a company […]

Libreboot ported to Asus Chromebook C201 (free software bootloader)

There are plenty of open source operating systems available for laptop and desktop computers. But in order to run Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, or other Linux-based software on most computers, you’ll need to rely on some proprietary, closed-source firmware for the bootloader, WiFi card, graphics, or other hardware. Libreboot is a project that takes aim at […]

Chinese tablet makers begin offering Windows 8.1 firmware for Android tablets

Now that a growing number of Chinese tablets are shipping with Intel processors, a funny thing is happening. Some tablet makers are starting to offer customers a chance to swap the operating system on their tablets from Android to Windows free of charge. For instance, CnGadget has instructions for downloading and installing Windows 8.1 on […]

Archos releases Special Developer Edition firmware for Gen9 tablets

Archos has been releasing special developer edition software for its Android tablets for the last few years. Recently the company added Special Developer Edition (SDE) firmware for its 9th generation tablets to the list. That includes the Archos 80 G9 and Archos 101 G9 tablets. But while earlier SDE firmware releases have been based on […]