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Mozilla releases Firefox OS 2.5 with support for add-ons

Firefox OS is an operating system designed around the same technologies used in the Firefox web browser. So maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that the latest build of Firefox OS adds one of the key features of the web browser: support for add-ons. Mozilla has released Firefox OS 2.5, and among other changes, the new […]

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H5OS is a Firefox OS-spinoff for smartphones, tablets, and more

The smartphone space is dominated by Android and iOS at the moment, but organizations including Canonical, Mozilla, Samsung, and Jolla have been trying to build alternatives. So far none has even managed to get the same kind of meager market share that less popular operating platforms BlackBerry or Windows Phone are holding on to. But the […]

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b2gdroid brings Firefox OS experience to Android devices

Want to take Firefox OS for a spin, but don’t want to buy one of the low-power phones that come with the operating system or take the big step of replacing the OS on your existing phone with an unstable build of Boot to Gecko (the open source version of Firefox OS)? Now there’s another […]

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Firefox OS isn’t just for cheap phones: Mozilla to focus on quality and user experience

Firefox OS is an operating system from Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox web browser. It’s designed to run applications written using web technologies including HTML5 and JavaScript. And it’s designed to run on a range of devices including smartphones and smart TVs. But so far most phones that have shipped with Firefox OS have […]

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Now you can buy a Panasonic Smart TV with Firefox OS (in Europe)

Panasonic is the first television maker to use Mozilla’s Firefox OS to power its smart TVs. And now you can buy one of those TVs… if you happen to be in Europe. They should be available in additional markets within a few months. The Panasonic CR850, CR730, CX800, CX750, CX700, and CX680 TVs all use Mozilla’s […]

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Lilbits (5-11-2015): Debunking edition (Windows 10 isn’t totally free for Insiders)

There’s a story making the rounds that Windows 10 will be available as a free update for folks running pre-release builds of the operating system as part of the Windows Insider program… and it’s true. It’s just not quite the whole truth. The story comes from a comment made on Twitter by the head of […]

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Firefox OS ported to run on a MIPS-based tablet

Mozilla’s Firefox OS is an operating system designed to run web apps. It’s been optimized for smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. The operating system is based on open source software that can run on a range of different types of hardware including wearables and TV sticks. Now the folks at Imagination Technologies have ported Firefox OS to run […]

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Runcible is a circular, Firefox OS smartphone with a wood case

Want a smartphone that looks like a pocket watch? A company called Monohm introduced one at Mobile World Congress this week. It’s called the Runcible and it’s designed to be attractive and simple. The Runcible runs Firefox OS, but one of the key features is what the phone doesn’t do: it doesn’t beep or vibrate to let you […]