Firefox OS developer provides a (not so) brief history of the operating system

Firefox OS is pretty much dead at this point, but when Mozilla first unveiled plans for the operating system (initially known as Boot to Gecko), the plan was to provide an open alternative to Android and iOS designed to run web apps. Eventually Firefox OS-powered phones were shipped… and sold poorly. There was a tablet […]

Mozilla disbands the team behind Firefox OS

Mozilla’s Firefox OS started out as an ambitious project to create a browser-based operating system to rival Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. It wasn’t very successful at doing that, but in late 2015 Mozilla announced it was shifting gears to focus on Internet of Things devices like the Panasonic Smart TV sets that were powered by […]

Mozilla has “stopped all commercial development of Firefox OS”

Remember when Mozilla said it was ceasing development of Firefox OS for smartphones, but that it wasn’t giving up on the browser-based operating system altogether? Yeah, now the organization has pretty much thrown in the towel. After shifting the focus from phones to smart TVs and other Internet of Things products for a while, Mozilla senior […]

Acadine launches H5OS, an HTML5-based operating system for phones, IoT devices

Mozilla may no longer be actively developing Firefox OS for smartphones, but a spin-off of Firefox OS may still run on future smartphones. Last summer a startup called Acadine Technologies announced it was working on a new operating system called H5OS, which was designed to run apps written with web-based tools like HTML5. Now Acadine has […]

Make your own Firefox OS TV

Mozilla may not be actively developing Firefox OS for smartphones anymore… but the company is still pushing the operating system as an option for smart TVs and Internet-of Things products. Don’t want to spend money on a TV that comes with Firefox OS? You can build your own Firefox-based smart TV device… sort of. Developer fiji-flo […]

Firefox OS 2.6 will be the last version for smartphones

Mozilla recently announced that it was shifting the focus of Firefox OS from smartphones to “connected devices,” such as smart TVs and Internet of Things products. Now the organization is providing some more details. Development of Firefox OS for smartphones will case after version 2.6 is released. It’s an open source project, so it’s not impossible […]

Mozilla releases Firefox OS 2.5 with support for add-ons

Firefox OS is an operating system designed around the same technologies used in the Firefox web browser. So maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that the latest build of Firefox OS adds one of the key features of the web browser: support for add-ons. Mozilla has released Firefox OS 2.5, and among other changes, the new […]

H5OS is a Firefox OS-spinoff for smartphones, tablets, and more

The smartphone space is dominated by Android and iOS at the moment, but organizations including Canonical, Mozilla, Samsung, and Jolla have been trying to build alternatives. So far none has even managed to get the same kind of meager market share that less popular operating platforms BlackBerry or Windows Phone are holding on to. But the […]