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Hack your Amazon Fire tablet with Fire Toolbox (Install Google Play, disable Amazon apps, and more)

Amazon’s Fire tablets offer a lot of bang for the buck. With list prices starting as low as $60, they’re far cheaper than any iPad, and more affordable than most Android tablets from companies like Samsung or Lenovo. Amazon’s tablets also go on sale for even lower prices at least a few times a year. […]

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How to install Google Play on Amazon Fire tablets

Amazon’s Fire tablets are known for offering decent bang for their buck. They might not be the most powerful tablets around, but they’re fairly inexpensive while offering decent displays, long battery life, and acceptable performance (especially if you opt for the Fire HD 10 or Fire Max 11, which have better processors than the smaller […]

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Fire Toolbox 32.3 adds support for hacking the Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023)

Fire Toolbox is an unofficial tool that lets you change the behavior of Amazon Fire tablets. Among other things you can use it to add or remove apps, install a custom launcher to use instead of the default Amazon home screen, and install the Google Play Store and other Google apps and services. This week […]

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Fire Toolbox 32 update brings support for (some) Amazon Fire Max 11 hacking

Amazon’s new Fire Max 11 is the company’s biggest, most powerful, and most versatile tablet thanks to an updated design, upgraded processor, and support for accessories including a keyboard and pressure-sensitive pen. But the $230 tablet is also a little trickier to hack than some older Amazon tablets, because it ships with a newer version […]

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Google Play Store can be installed on 2022 Amazon Fire tablets again

Amazon’s Fire tablets ship with a modified version of Android called Fire OS. It’s tightly linked with Amazon’s apps and services including the Kindle, Prime Video, and Amazon Music apps. It also features Amazon’s Appstore instead of the Google Play Store. But folks have been installing the Play Store on Amazon’s tablets for years. Up […]

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Fire Toolbox v30 brings new features for hacking Amazon Fire tablets (including Fire OS 8 models)

Amazon’s Fire tablets are some of the cheapest tablets worth buying, with starting prices as low as $50 (or even lower during Amazon’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Prime Day sales). But they ship with a modified version of Android called FireOS that lacks some of the features you might find on other Android tablets. […]

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Lilbits: Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 leaked, save $300 on a Pixel 6a with a trade-in

Google’s first Pixel-branded smartwatch is set to ship this fall. But it’s not the company’s only new smartwatch on the way. Google-owned Fitbit appears to be working on new members of the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa families, and a series of leaks give us a pretty good idea of what to expect. In other […]

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Fire Toolbox now lets you hack Amazon tablets running Fire OS 8 (starting with the 2022 Fire 7)

Fire Toolbox is a free utility that makes it easy to hack Amazon Fire tablets by doing things like installing the Google Play Store, disabling pre-installed apps from Amazon, and loading third-party launchers, keyboards, and other apps, among other things. Developer Datastream33 continually pushes updates that add new functionality, bug fixes, and support for Amazon’s […]

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Lilbits: Installing Google Play on Amazon Fire tablets, Linux on Chromebooks, and more

Find yourself with a new Amazon Fire tablet this holiday season? Amazon’s tablets offer pretty good bang for the buck if you’re looking for a device for reading eBooks, doing some web surfing, or streaming videos. But they also ship with Amazon’s Fire OS, which is a fork of Google Android that includes Amazon’s Appstore […]

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Most of Amazon tablets and smart speakers are on sale (plus some other stuff)

Amazon is running a sale on all of its Fire tablets, most of its Echo smart speakers and displays, and a grab bag of other items including the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and the Anker Nebula Fire TV Edition sound bar. You can save up to $60 off the list price of Amazon’s already-pretty-cheap […]

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Fire Toolbox v11 makes Amazon tablet hacking easier (and a little safer)

Fire Toolbox is a free utility for Windows computers that makes it relatively easy to hack Amazon Fire tablets by doing things like installing the Google Play Store, removing Amazon apps and services, and other tweaks that make Amazon’s Android-based Fire OS software look a little more like… well, Android. Version 11 of the Toolbox […]