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Pine64 news roundup: PinePhone Keyboard goes on sale in September, Ubuntu Touch 20.04 is coming, visual voicemail arrives, PineNote E Ink tablet revealed

The PinePhone Keyboard is an accessory that essentially turns Pine64’s inexpensive Linux smartphone into a tiny Linux laptop. It’s been under development since last year, and you’ll be able to order one soon – Pine64 has announced that the hardware and firmware has been finalized, and the PinePhone Keyboard will go on sale in late […]

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PinePhone news roundup (1-24-2021)

It’s been a busy week for PinePhone hardware and software developers. If you’ve been following LinuxSmartphone on Twitter you may have noticed that developers have made progress in making several different Linux distributions more usable, while other developers have been working to bring open source firmware to the PinePhone’s modem. The PinePhone KDE Community Edition […]

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Lilbits: More new Intel chips, PC shipments are up, and Qualcomm’s new in-screen fingerprint reader is bigger

In addition to launching new 35-watt Tiger Lake processors for gaming laptops and new 6-10 watt chips for low-cost, low-power notebooks for the education market, Intel had some other big announcements today. The company launched a new line of 11th-gen Tiger Lake chips with vPro technology for business-class security, management, and performance features. Intel also […]

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PinePhone keyboard and wireless charging add-ons are on the way

One of the nifty things about the PinePhone is that there are a series of pogo pins hidden behind the back cover that make it possible to add new hardware to the phone. Individual hardware hackers have used those pins to add things like a thermal camera or a fingerprint reader. But, as revealed earlier […]

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Hacker adds a working fingerprint sensor to the PinePhone

The PinePhone isn’t just the most affordable smartphone designed to run GNU/Linux-based operating systems. It’s also designed to be a modular device – most internal components are user replaceable, and there are six pogo pins that allow extra hardware to be added to the device. So far Pine64 has announced plans for three optional accessories […]

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Japan Display unveils transparent, glass-based fingerprint sensor

Synaptics and Vivo may already be showing off the first smartphone with an under-glass fingerprint sensor, but Japan Display plans to launch its own solution. Basically, the company says its transparent, glass-based, capacitive fingerprint sensor uses the same touch technology that’s already available in the company’s touchscreen displays to detect changes in capacitance when your […]

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Lilbits (5-22-2015): Android M is coming

There are already a handful of Android phones that include fingerprint scanners which let you do things like unlock your device or authorize mobile payments using the unique pattern on your fingertip instead of a password. But makers of those phones have had to tack that feature onto the operating system, because fingerprint detection isn’t […]