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Vivaldi web browser now has an email client, calendar, and RSS reader built in

Vivaldi has positioned itself as a web browser for power users since it first launched seven years ago. But with the latest release, Vivaldi is more than just a web browser – it’s also an email client, calendar, and RSS feed reader. Vivaldi Mail 1.0 is basically an Outlook or Thunderbird-style email, calendar, and feed […]

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As Feedly battles DDoS attacks, here are some other RSS readers

When Google Reader shut down last summer a number of companies tried to fill the void by offering their own cloud-based feed readers. Feedly is one of the most popular, and the company’s done a pretty good job of building a fast, capable RSS reader that synchronizes data across your devices as well as a […]

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Google Reader fallout: Digg Reader, Aol Reader go live – what are you using?

Google Reader shuts down on Monday, July 1st. For years Google’s online RSS reader has been the most popular tool for folks looking for a web-based feed reader that could synchronize their read, unread, and saved items across multiple devices. Since Google announced plans to end the service, a number of folks have been making […]