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Lilbits: Microsoft kills of WordPad, Lenovo unveils a liquid-cooled gaming laptop, and AMD Ryzen 8050 mobile chip details leaked

Microsoft is pulling the plug on WordPad, the basic word processor that’s been included in Windows for more than two decades. The company has added the app to its list of deprecated features, saying it is “no longer being updated and will be removed in a future release of Windows.” In other recent tech news […]

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HP and Isaac Mizrahi designed a $250 watch with (some) smarts

Plenty of PC makers have launched smartwatches in the past year or two, but HP has been taking a slightly different approach than most. Rather than design everything in house, the company has been working with fashion designed to launch new wearables that combine fashion with smartwatch features. The MB Chronowing is a collaboration between HP […]

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Lenovo Screen Jacket is a projector screen… and a jacket

Lenovo now sells tablets with built-in projectors, allowing you to shine movies, photos, or other content on a screen. Don’t have a screen handy? Now Lenovo has a rather unusual solution: a designer jacket that serves double duty as a portable projector screen. The Lenovo Screen Jacket has a colorful exterior and a white interior, […]

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Intel MICA luxury smart bracelet to sell for under $1,000

Some smartwatches arguably look better than others. But so far most wearable gadgets haven’t exactly been fashionable. Intel is looking to change that with a new smart bracelet called the MICA. The company developed the tablet in partnership with Barneys New York, where it’ll sell for under $1,000. That’s potentially a high price for a […]

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Limited edition HP Mini 110 comes with matching handbag

Do you always have  hard time figuring out which handbag best matches your netbook or vice versa? Japanese fashion store Dress-Up has a solution. They’ve partnered with HP to sell a limited edition HP Mini 110 with a matching handbag. There are 3 different bag/netbook combos to choose from. The laptops come in pink and […]

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Asus Eee PC 1008P is a high-fashion Pinetrail netbook

Designer netbooks are all the rage, apparently. Today’s new model is designed by Karim Rashid, and it’s all kinds of glossy, crocodile skin sexy. Available in both chocolate brown and hot pink tones, the Asus Eee PC 1008P’s shell is painted up like a crocodile handbag straight out of Neiman Marcus. It’s essentially an upmarket […]

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Lenovo gives S10-2 Nature a custom paint job, sells for only $349.99

It looks like the days of having to overpay just to pick up a netbook with a little bit of style are long gone. We saw Dell’s limited edition from Deanne Cheuk over the weekend at only $389, and today Amazon is offering the Lenovo S10-2 Nature Netbook for only $349.99. You’ve seen the S10-2 […]

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Limited edition Deanne Cheuk Inspiron Mini is a fashionable netbook at a low price

I’m not personally a big fan of the fashion-over-function netbooks, but there’s obviously a market for them. Along the same lines as the Vivienne Tam editions we’ve seen from HP, Dell is now offering a limited edition design from Deanne Cheuk. As far as the hardware goes, it’s pretty standard netbook fare. Intel Atom Z530 […]