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What it costs to build (and sell) Fairphone’s ethical smartphone

Fairphone is a small company with a big idea: produce smartphones using ethically-sourced materials and invest some of the profits from phone sales in programs to help the workers that build the phones. But it’s not cheap to do that: the company’s second smartphone is expected to sell for 525 Euros (about $600 US). That’s […]

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Fairphone 2 is a modular smartphone with ethically-sourced components

Fairphone is a company that wants to make smartphones you don’t feel guilty about buying: the company’s handsets are built using ethically-source materials from conflict-free regions and the company has invested in a worker-controlled welfare fund for Chinese workers and an e-waste recycling program in Ghana. The company says it sold about 60,000 units of […]

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Fairphone’s 2nd-gen ethically-sourced smartphone coming this summer

Dutch-based Fairphone has big dreams to produce ethically sourced, long-lasting smartphones for environmentally conscious consumers. They have succeeded somewhat by selling all 60 thousand units of the first-generation Fairphone. Now they’re preparing to launch a second model.   This time, with a little more experience under its belt, the company hopes to increase its transparency and use […]

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Lilbits (6-05-2013): Samsung’s rugged Galaxy S4, Yahoo’s new look

News from this week’s Computex show in Taiwan is starting to wind down. But tech news never sleeps… and today’s news roundup includes tips on adding a wireless charging component to a cheap tablet, turning a Raspberry Pi into a retro gaming cabinet, and a new project to build a smartphone using more ethical resources. […]