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Fairphone releases Android 10 update for a smartphone from 2015

The Fairphone 2 is a smartphone that shipped with Android 5.1 software when it was first released in 2015. Most phones from that time stopped receiving software updates years ago. But Fairphone has announced that an Android 10 update is now available for the Fairphone 2. The company began beta testing Android 10 for the […]

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Fairphone 2 is still getting Android updates 5 years after launch

Google, Qualcomm, and companies like Samsung are working to ensure that smartphones receive operating system and security updates for longer – buy a new Samsung phone today and it should still get security updates in four years. But a small Dutch company called Fairphone is doing a bit better than that. Kind of. Five years […]

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Fairphone 2 is still getting Android updates 5 years after launch (Android 9 Beta now available)

Fairphone‘s smartphones aren’t like most other phones. The Dutch company emphasizes the use of ethically-sourced materials in its phones, designs its devices to be easily repairable, and to last a long time. So while Fairphone has only released three smartphones in the past 7 years, it’s nice to see that the company’s second phone is […]

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Fairphone 2 now runs Android Nougat (the only Snapdragon 801 phone to do so)

The Fairphone 2 is a smartphone that was designed for customers who cared more about ethical considerations than bleeding-edge specs. But nearly three years after launch, the folks at Fairphone are continuing to offer software updates for the handset — which is more than most phone makers can say. Sure, the latest update only delivers […]

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Fairphone launches new camera modules for Fairphone 2

Over the past few years modular smartphones have kind of become a real thing. Google may have killed Project Ara, but Motorola’s Moto Z phones can learn new tricks when you slap a module on the back of the phone. The new Essential Phone has similar support for modular add-ons… even though there’s only one […]

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Updated Fairphone 2 has slimmer, colorful case

The Fairphone 2 is a smartphone with a modular design: need to replace the screen, battery, or even the system board? You can do all of that. Another benefit to modularity? You can change the phone’s style by swapping out the case. And now there are new options for doing that. Fairphone is launching an […]

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Fairphone 2 gets a little more fair thanks to conflict-free minerals

Some smartphone shoppers are looking for phones with the best possible specs, a software experience that meets their needs, or an attractive price point. But there are at least some people interested in a phone that puts ethical considerations front and center. The Fairphone 2 is easy to take apart and repair, in order to […]

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On the LPX Show: Can a smartphone be a “fair” phone?

Fairphone showed off off its modular smartphone made from ethically-sourced materials at the South By Southwest Interactive conference and festival in Austin this week, where the Fairphone 2 was a finalist for an Innovation award. Fairphone didn’t win the award, but this marks one of the first times the team has shown off the phone […]

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Fairphone 2 modular, ethically-sourced smartphone begins shipping

The Fairphone 2 is a smartphone with a modular design that makes it easy to repair (and possibly easy to upgrade in the future). It’s also built from ethically-sourced materials. As the name suggests, this is the second smartphone from the Fairphone team, and it’s generated a lot of buzz for not only avoiding use […]

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Fairphone 2 teardown by iFixit shows a phone meant to be… torn down

If you’ve got a modern smartphone with a broken camera, battery, or display, odds are that you’ll need to send it to the manufacturer or a repair shop to fix what’s broken. Or you can try to do it yourself using replacement parts ordered over the internet and instructions found at sites like iFixit. But there’s […]