Report: Facebook will announce a smart speaker/display next week

Amazon unveiled a whole bunch of new Alexa-enabled smart speakers and gadgets this week. Next week it may be Facebook’s turn. According to Cheddar, Facebook plans to introduce a set of smart displays that work a lot like Amazon’s Echo Show. You’ll be able to interact with it by voice and use the smart display […]

Report: Facebook still wants to put mic and camera (I mean smart speakers) in your house

Rumor has it that Facebook has been working on a smart speaker system to compete with Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and whatever it is Microsoft thinks it’s doing with Cortana. And rumor also has it that in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal, Facebook officials thought better of their original plans […]

Facebook to let users opt out of tracking on third-party websites (but you’ll need a Facebook account to do it)

If you’re a Facebook users you probably already realize the company knows a lot about you based on the things you post, the people and brands you interact with, and other things you do on the Facebook website or in a Facebook app. But Facebook also tracks you as you interact with third-party websites and […]

Facebook Lite mobile app comes to the US (and other developed countries)

Facebook Lite is a stripped-down version of the Facebook app that was initially created for use in developing countries where slow internet connections and less powerful phones are the norm. But now Facebook is planning to bring the app to developed countries including the US, UK and Canada. Reuters reported¬†that Facebook Lite will be available […]

Facebook Messenger Lite now available in the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada (Android-only)

It’s been a while since Facebook slit up its mobile apps and required users to download Facebook Messenger in addition to the main Facebook app. But if you don’t need all the bells and whistles that come with Facebook Messenger, now there’s a light-weight option. Faacebook initially launched Messenger Lite in 2016 as an app […]

Is Facebook working on a modular smartphone? (Project Ara-resurrected)

Facebook may be the dominant social networking site on the planet, and one of the biggest players in online advertising. But despite years of rumors of a so-called “Facebook Phone,” the company’s efforts in that space have been pretty lackluster so far. But according to Business Insider, it looks like Facebook may be working on […]

Now Facebook hopes a $200 Oculus standalone headset will make VR mainstream (leaks)

A few years ago the next-big-thing in tech was 3D TV. For a year or two pretty much every display maker was showing off a 3D television at the Consumer Electronics Show. This year I didn’t see any. By that measure, virtual reality is already a big success story. Not only are there a bunch […]

Facebook wants to make “the camera the first augmented reality platform”

Facebook recently added a camera feature to all of its mobile apps, allowing you to quickly snap a photo or capture a video and share it with your friends… but also to apply real-time effects including frames, virtual masks, and style transfers (make your picture look like a van Gogh in real-time). Now Facebook says […]