iOS 13.5 will make it easier to unlock an iPhone while wearing a mask

Apple introduced Face ID with the iPhone X in 2017, allowing users to unlock the company’s flagship phones by looking at them… which is fine under normal circumstances, I guess. But all the fancy 3D face scanning tech in the world isn’t much use when your face is partially obscured by a mask. So Apple […]

Apple’s next iPad could have thinner bezels, no home button according to iOS 12 clues

Apple has a habit of leaking details about upcoming hardware through small details in the code of its operating systems. For example iOS 11 beta included a drawing of a phone with a notch in the display, sort of confirming that the iPhone X would have such as design before Apple was ready to publicly […]

Vivo introduces TOF 3D Sensing Technology for smartphones (like Face ID, but more so)

Some smartphones let you login to your device using facial recognition and a basic front-facing camera. It’s not the most secure method and it doesn’t work in the dark, but it’s easier then entering a PIN or password (and arguably tougher and less secure than using a fingerprint). Apple kicked things up a few notches […]

Huawei is working on a Face ID alternative (Knockoff Animoji too)

Apple spent years developing the Face ID system used in the iPhone X, essentially shrinking the technology found in the Xbox Kinect (which measures 9.8″ x 2.6″ x 2.6″) so that it fits in the notch at the top of Apple’s $1000 smartphone. But Apple isn’t the only company to develop technology that creates a […]

Apple iPhone X: “The biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”

Apple is launching its first iPhone with an OLED display, the first model with an ultra-wide screen, and the first without a physical home button. It’s called the Apple iPhone X, and it’s a new high-end model that will join the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in the company’s lineup. It’s also that funny looking […]

iPhone 8 may know when you’re looking at it (and mute audio notifications)

Rumor has it that the upcoming iPhone 8 will support facial recognition, which means it’ll have hardware and software that can tell one person from another when you’re looking at the phone. It won’t be the first smartphone with facial identification features, but it’ll be the first from Apple. And it’s starting to look like […]