FAA warns passengers not to use Galaxy Note 7 while flying (maybe you should take advantage of that voluntary recall)

Samsung says only a relatively small percentage of the 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold to date suffer from a defect that can cause the battery to explode and catch fire. But the company has issued a voluntary recall and will either replace phones you send in with either a new, non-exploding version or […]

Lilbits (6-24-2014): Verizon cancels free data for Chromebook Pixel LTE users, Google responds with $150 credit

When Google launched the Chromebook Pixel, the company partnered with Verizon to offer 100MB of free data per month for two years to customers who bought 4G LTE version of the premium, touchscreen Chromebook. This week Computer World noted that Verizon was no longer honoring that deal, claiming that the free data was only good […]

Gogo wants to make flights noisier, introduces in-flight text, calling

Gogo has been offering in-flight WiFi service on thousands of airplanes for years. Now the company is introducing a new service that will eventually let you make phone calls and send text messages using your smartphone while you’re in the air. I wonder if this will prompt airlines to follow the example of Amtrak, and […]