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Lilbits: Raspberry Pi OS updated, eero’s first routers reach end of life(ish), Sony mobile gaming accessories launching next week

Wireless routers make life a lot easier by allowing your phones, tablets, PCs, TVs, and all sorts of other devices to connect to the internet without running a series of Ethernet cables around your house. But since these routers are basically little computers that connect to the outside world, they’re subject to security threats just […]

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iPhone 8 may know when you’re looking at it (and mute audio notifications)

Rumor has it that the upcoming iPhone 8 will support facial recognition, which means it’ll have hardware and software that can tell one person from another when you’re looking at the phone. It won’t be the first smartphone with facial identification features, but it’ll be the first from Apple. And it’s starting to look like […]

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Windows 10 gains native eye-tracking controls with latest Insider Preview

Microsoft is adding native Eye Control features to Windows 10, starting with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16257 which is rolling out to beta testers today. The feature lets you control basic PC functions simply by moving your eyes. But you’ll need compatible hardware to use Eye Control, and right now that means you need […]

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ZTE Hawkeye Kickstarter cancelled to focus on a better phone

Last year ZTE asked the public to help decide what crazy new product to try launching in 2017. The winning idea was a phone with eye-tracking functionality and a self-adhesive back that lets you stick the phone to a wall and scroll through web pages or other content without actually touching the phone. But when […]

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ZTE might scrap/revamp crowdfunding campaign for eye-tracking phone

ZTE launched a Kickstarter campaign this month for an unusual smartphone: the ZTE Hawkeye features eye-tracking technology to let you do things like scroll through websites and apps without touching your phone, and an adhesive back to hold the phone steady on a wall or other surface so you can use the Hawkeye without even […]

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ZTE considers spec bump for “Hawkeye” eye-tracking phone following lukewarm Kickstarter performance

It’s hard to make a phone that truly stands out from all the other rectangular slabs of glass and metal (or plastic). But ZTE’s Hawkeye phone certainly fits the bill. It’s a phone with an adhesive back and eye-tracking technology that allows you to scroll through web pages and apps without touching the device. The […]

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ZTE reveals specs for crowdsourced, eye-tracking Hawkeye smartphone

Last year Chinese phone maker ZTE asked the community to help it come up with new ideas for a gadget. The winner was an odd smartphone with eye-tracking features and a self-adhesive back designed to let you scroll through content and perform other tasks just by looking at the phone, without touching it. ZTE calls the […]

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ZTE Hawkeye crowdsourced phone hits Kickstarter for $199

Last year ZTE asked the public to come up with ideas for a new smartphone. After months of soliciting ideas and whittling down the concepts, ZTE announced the winner of Project CSX: a phone with eye tracking features and an adhesive back that allows you to interact with the phone without touching it. Now ZTE is giving […]

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ZTE will build a phone with eye-tracking cameras (Project CSX contest winning idea)

ZTE plans to build a phone featuring eye-tracking cameras and a self-adhesive back. The idea is to enable hands-free operation of the phone by letting you scroll through content just by looking at the screen, for example. But the idea didn’t come from ZTE. For the past month and a half, the company has been soliciting […]

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Lilbits (6-21-2013): Petabyte optical discs, Google Reader replacements

A few years ago we started to see optical discs that could store as much as a terabyte of data, making a 50GB Blu-ray disc look like small potatoes. But new breakthroughs mean we could see DVD-sized discs that could hold up to 1000 times as much data. Whether anyone will buy those discs is […]