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Windows Subsystem for Linux comes to File Explorer (Windows 10 Preview Build 19603)

Windows 10 includes an optional feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux that lets you use a terminal window to run Linux utilities and access a Linux file system. But up until recently WSL was trapped in the terminal (unless you took extraordinary steps to give install a complete desktop environment). But starting last year, Microsoft […]

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Windows Subsystem for Linux update will let you access Linux file from Windows

One of the most surprising things about Windows 10 is that you have the option of enabling a Windows Subsystem for Linux, installing a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, and then running Linux commands in a Bash shell. The feature has been around in one form or another since early 2016, but Microsoft keeps fine-tuning […]

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Windows File Manager source code released (precursor to Explorer)

Once upon a time if you wanted to copy, move, delete, or rename files on a PC running Microsoft software, you had to type a command into a DOS box. For more than two decades Microsoft has offered Windows Explorer or File Explorer as a more user-friendly alternative with a graphical user interface (GUI) that […]

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Google Glass expanding Explorer program, lets users invite a friend

Google Glass is a wearable device designed to let you search the web, get directions, record video, or chat with friends without pulling your phone out of your pocket. Google started shipping “Explorer Edition” versions of the device to early adopters with deep pockets earlier this year, but at this point there are probably fewer […]