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Say goodbye to free Office 365 Personal subscriptions with Windows PCs

For the past year or so, Microsoft has been partnering with PC makers to offer free 1-year subscriptions to Office 365 Personal to customers when they buy a small laptop or tablet. Since a subscription is worth $70 and some Windows PCs have actually been available for around the price or less, in some cases […]

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Windows 10 users can now download touch-friendly Word, Excel, and Powerpoint apps for free

Just last month, Microsoft took to the stage to introduce a new and improved Windows 10 preview. During their event they showed off a number of improvements and changes, like Cortana integration, Continuity, the Spartan browser, and a revamped Windows Store — where you’ll be able to find the slick universal apps they showed off. […]

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Lilbits (10-21-2014): Next-gen DSL tech could bring new life to phone lines

Back in the dark ages the only way for most people to access the internet was with a slow dialup connection (or by visiting a college or other institution that actually had a faster T1 line). Then along came DSL, one of the first technologies to offer broadband speeds. But in recent years cable, fiber […]