Microsoft Surface Duo launches internationally next month (where it will cost way more than in the US)

The Microsoft Surface Duo is one of the most unusual smartphones released in 2020. It’s a Microsoft smartphone that runs Google’s Android operating system with some custom Microsoft apps pre-installed. It’s a foldable, but rather than a single foldable display it has two screens connected by a hinge. And it had specs that were already […]

Motorola brings 5G to the mid-range with Motorola One 5G

The Motorola One 5G is a smartphone with a 6.7 inch, FHD+ 90 Hz display, quad cameras, and 5G support. But this isn’t your typical flagship — it’s a mid-range phone that’s headed to AT&T and Verizon for under $500. A virtually identical phone called the Moto 5G Plus launched in Europe earlier this summer for €349 and […]

OnePlus Nord 5G is an affordable near-flagship phone for €399 and up

OnePlus has been promising for weeks that the company’s next phone would be an affordable device with excellent specs. And it looks like the OnePlus Nord 5G largely delivers on that promise. The phone has a 6.44 inch, 2400 x 1080 pixel AMOLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate, at least 8GB of RAM and […]

Xiaomi launches POCO F2 Pro smartphone in Europe for €499 and up

Xiaomi’s new POCO F2 Pro is a smartphone with a 6.67 inch AMOLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, a 4,700 mAh battery, 30W fast charging, and four rear cameras including a 64MP primary camera. The phone goes on sale in Europe starting today for €499 and up. That’s the equivalent of about $540 US, […]

Google could charge up to $40 to include its apps on Android phones in the EU

This week Google announced that it would comply with an EU order to unbundle some of the apps it licenses to Android phone makers while appealing the ruling. The move would allow phone makers to include the Google Play Store and Gmail without loading the Chrome web browser or Google Search apps, for example. But […]

Android phone makers may have to start paying for the Play Store, other Google apps (in Europe)

After the European Union slapped Google with a $5 billion fine in an antitrust case this summer, Google appealed the ruling. But while waiting for the outcome of that appeal, Google has come up with a plan B: the company is changing the way it licenses its apps and services for Android phones and tablets […]

EU may push phone makers to use standardized chargers (goodbye Apple Lightning adapters?)

European Union officials are considering adopting new standards for smartphone chargers that could cut down on electronic waste. Right now most smartphones ship with a charging cable and adapter. So when you buy a new phone and don’t need your old charger anymore, you probably throw it out. According to the European Commission that leads […]

EU fines Google $5 billion for antitrust violations related to Android

European Union regulators say Google has abused its dominant position in the smartphone operating system space to pressure phone makers into including Google Search and the Chrome web browser on their devices, stifling competition. In response, the EU has fined Google 4.34 billion Euros (about $5.04 billion US) and ordered the company to end the […]

Xiaomi smartphones heading to the UK

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi may have gotten its start by offering cheap, Android-powered iPhone (and iOS) knockoffs, but over the past half decade the company has earned a reputation for offering high-quality hardware at low prices… and sometimes introducing truly innovative products. Xiaomi sells its phones in a number of markets including China, India, Brazil, […]