Fairphone 3 is now available with either Android or the Google-free /e/ OS

The Fairphone 3 is a mid-range smartphone that stands out due to its easy-to-repair design that features components partially made from ethically-sourced materials. When the phone launched last summer it was only available with Android 9. But folks who prefer a Google-free experience now have another option. The /e/ foundation is selling the Fairphone 3 […]

Fairphone 3 smartphone launches for 450€ (Modular, repairable, made from ethically-sourced materials)

The third smartphone from Fairphone continues to buck phone trends. Not only does the Fairphone 3 have a headphone jack, a microSD card, and a removable battery, but the smartphone also has six modular components that are designed to be easy to remove and replace. Fairphone says that means the phone could have a longer lifespan […]

Fairphone 3 coming soon (ethically sourced materials, modular design)

The folks at Fairphone have been offering smartphones built from ethically-sourced components since late 2013. But in all that time the company has only actually shipped two models. Now a third is on the way. Evan Blass posted an image of the upcoming Fairphone 3 to Twitter about a week after a listing for the phone […]

Fairphone 2 modular, ethically-sourced smartphone begins shipping

The Fairphone 2 is a smartphone with a modular design that makes it easy to repair (and possibly easy to upgrade in the future). It’s also built from ethically-sourced materials. As the name suggests, this is the second smartphone from the Fairphone team, and it’s generated a lot of buzz for not only avoiding use […]

What it costs to build (and sell) Fairphone’s ethical smartphone

Fairphone is a small company with a big idea: produce smartphones using ethically-sourced materials and invest some of the profits from phone sales in programs to help the workers that build the phones. But it’s not cheap to do that: the company’s second smartphone is expected to sell for 525 Euros (about $600 US). That’s […]

Fairphone 2 now available for pre-order for €529 (modular smartphone with ethically-sourced materials)

The Fairphone 2 is an Android smartphone designed for folks who want the convenience of modern technology, but don’t like the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on a gadget when it’s built by workers paid lousy wages, contributes to electronic waste, and other problems. The phone is made from materials from conflict-free zones, and the […]

Fairphone 2 is a modular smartphone with ethically-sourced components

Fairphone is a company that wants to make smartphones you don’t feel guilty about buying: the company’s handsets are built using ethically-source materials from conflict-free regions and the company has invested in a worker-controlled welfare fund for Chinese workers and an e-waste recycling program in Ghana. The company says it sold about 60,000 units of […]