Lilbits: A handheld PC for IT pros, a shady Nintendo Switch emulator, and more

Chinese PC maker One Netbook specialized in tiny laptops, and this year the company has been branching out into a few new niche categories. The OneGx line of computers are designed for gamers. And the company has an new device on the way that’s designed for engineers and IT pros. It has a 7 inch […]

Essential Phone review roundup: It’s good… but so are a lot of phones (this one could get better over time)

If you look at the spec sheet for the Essential Phone, it looks like a lot of current high-end smartphones. It has the same processor and memory as many of the latest flagships. It has a big, quad HD display and dual rear cameras. And it has a USB Type-C port, but no dedicated headphone […]

Essential Phone hits the FCC, should begin shipping soon

The Essential Phone is an unusual-looking Android device with premium specs, support for modular accessories, and a pretty strong pedigree: Essential was founded by Andy Rubin, one of the co-founders of Android. First unveiled in May, the Essential Phone is expected to begin shipping soon. So it’s not surprising to see that the phone passed […]

Essential Home smart home assistant is gunning for Amazon Echo

Essential Products isn’t just introducing a new smartphone. The company also has its sights on the smart home/smart speaker space. Essential’s answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home is called Essential Home and it’s coming… soon. There’s no word on the launch date or price, and the company is just starting to give us […]

First phone from Android founder Andy Rubin’s new company launching May 30th?

Essential Products has been teasing a new smartphone for a few months, and rumor has it that the company’s first phone will also have special features including a pressure-sensitive display and the ability to add third-party hardware through a special charging port. What makes the upcoming phone interesting is that Essential was founded by Andy Rubin, co-founder of […]

Report: Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s new company to launch a bezel-free phone (and much more)

Andy Rubin co-founded Android Inc, before the company was bought by Google. He continued working at Google until late 2014. Now he’s reportedly planning to unveil a new company called Essential Products which is working on hardware, software, and artificial intelligence that creates an ecosystem shared by multiple devices. Bloomberg reports that Rubin was at CES […]