Essential is shutting down (no new products, no more updates for the Essential PH-1)

The smartphone company started by Android co-founder Andy Rubin is shutting down. Essential only ever released one smartphone. But since the Essential PH-1 hit the streets in 2017, it’s been one of the most well-supported Android phones on the market. Essential pushed out Android OS updates and monthly security updates the same day they were […]

Essential Phone is essentially discontinued… but new “mobile product” is in the works

The Essential Phone was the first smartphone to ship with a notch in the display and it was the first phone from the startup created by Android founder Andy Rubin. It was also not exactly a huge success in the market, and the company’s had a bit of a rough year… but that hasn’t stopped […]

Essential releases second modular add-on for its phone (Audio Adapter HD)

A handful of phone makers have released models with support for modular add-ons in the past few years, with limited success. It’s unclear if modularity is going to continue to be a feature in the future… but it’s always nice when an existing device lives up to its promise. When Essential launched its first smartphone […]

Essential is launching an HD audio module for its smartphone this summer

The Essential PH-1 smartphone has a set of Pogo pins on the back that you can use to attach modules that extend the phone’s functionality. But since launching the phone last year, Essential has only offered a single module: a 360-degree camera. This summer Essential plans to launch its second module. It’s a hi-fi audio […]

Bloomberg: Essential cancels its next smartphone, company might be up for sale

Less than a year after releasing its first smartphone, it looks like Essential Products might be going out of business. Bloomberg reports that the company, which was started by Android co-founder Andy Rubin, has cancelled development of its next phone, and may be looking for a buyer interested in acquiring the company. The Essential PH-1 […]

If Apple drops the notch in 2019, will Android phone makers follow suit?

Nearly a dozen new Android phones with camera cut-outs in their otherwise nearly full-screen displays debuted at Mobile World Congress last month. Rumor has it LG’s next flagship will also have a camera “notch.” And Google has officially added support for displays with cutouts to Android P. While the first modern smartphone with a notch was […]