microByte is an open hardware tiny handheld game console for $45 and up during crowdfunding

The microByte is a pocket-sized game console with a tiny display, game controllers, a speaker, and microSD card reader for storage. It supports several emulators, allowing you to play classic games on the system. And it’s an open hardware project – the firmware, PCB design files and schematics, and other documentation are all available to […]

M5Paper is a 4.7 inch WiFi-enabled E Ink touchscreen display for $70

The M5Paper is a small, programmable E Ink display that sells for around $70. It supports touchscreen input, WiFi and Bluetooth and has a battery, which means you could use the display to make your own eBook reader, smart home remote, or internet-connected news ticker, among other things. While the M5Paper is out of stock at […]