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Kobo Sage is an 8 inch E Ink slate with pen support for $260, Kobo Libra 2 is a 7 inch eReader for $180

The Kobo Sage is a $260 model with an 8 inch display and support for an optional pen that you can use to write notes, highlight text, or draw pictures. And the Kobo Libra 2 is a $180 eReader with a 7 inch display, a waterproof design, and 32GB of storage. Both are up for pre-order now and ship October 19.

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Kobowriter turns a Kobo ereader into an E Ink typewriter (open source software)

Kobo sells a line of devices with E Ink displays that are designed for reading eBooks. But since Kobo eReaders have a USB port and Linux-based software, of course people have found ways to hack the devices for use in other ways. One recent example? Kobowriter is a free and open source tool that lets […]

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Amazon Kindle updates: new colors and more storage (maybe)

This month Amazon added two new color options for the Kindle Paperwhite: in addition to buying the company’s 6 inch eReader with a high-resolution display in black or blue, you can now get sage or plum color options. But that might not be the only change in the Kindle lineup. Some customers who purchase the […]

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More details about E Ink’s new color displays for eReaders (and maybe smartphones)

Several companies recently announced plans to release eReaders with color E Ink displays this year, and at least one smartphone with a color E Ink screen is set to go on sale in China next week. But so far we haven’t seen many details about the technology used in those color displays. Now we know […]

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NOOK revenue falls, B&N is “making adjustments but “remains committed” to eReaders, tablets

As expected, Barnes & Noble’s latest financial results show a dip in revenue from the NOOK division. The company brought in $316 million in the last quarter from NOOK eReader, tablet, and digital content sales — but that’s a 26-percent dip from the same period a year earlier. But while the company says it’s “calibrating its business […]

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Kindle, Kobo, and NOOK apps for Windows RT, Windows 8

Want to turn your Windows RT or Windows 8 tablet into a giant, overpriced eReader? Amazon and Kobo have already released digital book apps optimized for Microsoft’s new touch-friendly operating systems. Now Barnes & Noble has followed suit by releasing a NOOK app into the Windows Store. All three apps are optimized for Windows 8, […]