The Open Book eReader will be a real thing you can buy eventually

Developer Joey Castillo’s Open Book is a work-in-progress eBook reader featuring a small E Ink display, open source software, and open hardware — detailed descriptions of most components are printed right on the circuit board. I wrote about the Open Book Project in December, and since then a few key things have happened. The hardware […]

The Open Book Project is designing a non-proprietary eReader

There’s no shortage of devices designed for reading eBooks. But whether you’re using a Kindle, Kobo, or Nook device or something else entirely, you’re probably running proprietary software on proprietary hardware. The Open Book Project is an effort to build… something more open. It’s still a work in progress, but the design files are shared […]

Kobo Libra H20 is an illuminated, waterproof eReader for $170

Kobo’s latest premium eReader looks… a lot like Amazon’s top-of-the-line eReader. Like the Amazon Kindle Oasis, the new Kobo Libra H20 has an illuminated 7 inch E Ink display with adjustable color temperature. And like the Oasis, this is a waterproof eReader with a lopsided design (there are page turn buttons on one side. But there are […]

Naruto eOneBook is a dual-screen eReader with every volume of Naruto pre-loaded (crowdfunding)

A few years ago Progress Technologies introduced a First of the North Star eReader featuring dual E Ink displays and every issue of the popular Manga pre-loaded. Now they’re back with a Naruto version. It’s up for pre-order from Kickstarter for about $460 and up, and the price includes all 72 volumes of Naruto, which […]

Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis is its first with adjustable color temperature

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is the company’s top-of-the-line eReader, featuring a bigger screen, more LED lights for a more evenly illuminated display, and other features to help set it apart from the Kindle Paperwhite and entry-level Kindle. Now Amazon is launching a 10th-gen Kindle Oasis with one more distinguishing feature: adjustable color temperature. You can adjust […]